Firefall Patch 1.1

Firefall Patch 1.1

On Tuesday, September 16th, while the majority of the gaming world was waiting on the Archeage queue’s and attempting Destiny’s Hardcore Raid, I was enjoying the newest live event on Red 5’s delightful MMOSRPG (Massive Multiplayer Shooter Role Playing Game) Firefall. The newest patch Elemental Destruction launched earlier than expected, and I firmly believe that Red 5 noticed the AA launch was delayed by an hour and decided to do their event while the world was waiting for AA to bring it’s servers back up. This patch brings some of the coolest features from Beta back into the game. From new pre-fix elemental weapons to Chosen deathsquads the game has begun to take some great steps forwarard.

While this update was more of a bring back the old great stuff, there were some minor tweaks and patches to fix some of the non-functioning parts of the game. I am not sure whether it’s because the Hazardous Event was so incredibly chaotic and fun or perhaps I just like killing legions of bugs over chasing down Chosen, but this event felt rather tame by comparison. So let’s cover the pro’s and con’s of the Elemental Destruction Event Update.


Chosen Death Squads can only be described as one of the coolest innovations in mmorpg or shooter. In Devil’s Tusk, a player will be selected at random as marked for death. A Chosen death squad will then begin it’s journey to kill this player. Every other player’s map will ping the location of the player in an effort to assist in killing off the Death Squad before it kills the player. You cannot hide from them, and you cannot outrun them. They will hunt through cities, events, and other players until the Death Squad kills the player or is slain themselves. The absolute definition of kill or be killed in a pve setting. This can only be described as awesome!

While I have yet to experience this exciting part of the game, I have been told that it is absolutely amazing. I am unsure how I feel about the fact that this part of the game is only available to lvl 40 players. Why not allow players in Sertao experience the horror of being hunted?


Prefix weapons are both awesome and disheartening at the same time. Within 5 minutes of playing, I received my first Elemental destruction weapon, and not only was it the one I wanted the most, but it was the exact main weapon I can use. I was pumped to test out the electrical prefix and see exactly how cool the new weapons work.

Unfortunately the elation felt at receiving the gun was the high point of the weapon. There are so many things wrong with the weapon prefixs that all the coolness of it is taken away in seconds. First, the visual effects of the electrical and thermal guns are lackluster at best, the electrical being the absolute worst in terms of pure enjoyment. I expected something similar to lightning bolts, and instead I got static shock.

Secondly, the proc rate for the actual effects of the gun are really really low. Why give us a great new weapon if the proc rate on it is so insanely rng that I only see it proc once every 5 minutes? While the proc effect is really cool, the rate at which it procs is so low and random that the value behind it is lost quickly.

Third, After growing bored with the electrical prefix (which unfortunately is 2 weapon levels lower than me). I wanted to check out some of the other weapons, but I have yet to see a single one drop since that moment. Two days, and 3 levels later dozens of event’s played and not one drop. I can’t find one around my level on the Marketplace, and locating one outside of the marketplace has been fruitless

Finally, There is no information on the weapons that gives me any information as to how to improve the proc rate, improve the damage, or simply what damage the proc does to the gun. These aren’t simple fixes, but they are definitely things that players on the PTS should have mentioned to Red 5 prior to the event.


Sunday’s exciting event “Chosen Offensive” is coming! Anything that can add new titles, warpaint, and decal will always be high on my list of things to do. I won’t be present for the entire event, I will definitely jump in for a few minutes and enjoy fighting off the offensive. The concept for the Chosen Offensive is amazing, and is another reason to get excited about the future of Firefall. I am well aware of the angry beta reddit posters, but events like this where the devs wage a 4 hour war against the players are a brilliant way to build a community and for players to take out their rage on a dev.

Not only will you get the option to go to war against the devs, but the devs will be commanding a full on assault on all the watchtowers at the same time. It’s going to be insane. Not only is this a great step to making the Elemental Destruction event seem more alive but it gives armies a chance to group up to defend certain watchtowers. So all you commanders better get ready to get going.


This con marks more the patch itself than the actual event. 10 Perk Changes, updates, and revisions were a part of the last patch. Unfortunately, Red 5 decided not to allow people a free respec if they had those perks in their perk list. I really hope this was an oversight and not simple a plan for the future. While normally I would leave this off, the min-maxers are correct a few of the changes to perks completely changed playstyles.

For those who are unaware, respeccing your perk’s cost red beans. The problem with this lies in the fact that I have two methods of purchasing red beans, cash and some very odd red bean for credit exchange. Honestly I haven’t figured out how the credit for red bean exchange works as it may be the most confusing system out there, but from what I have seen it will cost you a minimum of 104 credits for 1 red bean. Why do i have to spend either my own cash or in game currency to deal with something that was forced upon me?


New Dynamic Encounters are a huge welcome addition to the game. One of the biggest complaints two months ago when the game launched was the lack of a world that felt alive. Red 5 responds with 5 new dynamic events. These events range from the loot farm (pinata frenzy) to civilian rescue (meh) to Chosen Death squads (covered earlier) to the Caldere Creche (a fire breathing dragon) are a great way to keep the feeling more alive.

Yes you read that right a fire breathing dragon or lizard will appear at the Caldere Creche dynamic events in Devil’s Tusk. I can only think of one thing more fun than killing bugs in a game, and that’s fighting a fire dragon while other bugs are trying to kill you. The best part of the entire Caldere Creche even tis that sometimes you can end up fighting three dragons, and the other random spawns. I was blown away the first time The dragon stood up and attempted to fry my frame inside and out.

While more balancing and an increase in damage done by mobs higher than lvl 10 are a welcome addition to the game, the game still needs a little bit of polish and well that would be for an entirely different column. In the end, while this patch doesn’t have quite the exciting feel of the Hazardous event, and the loot system for guns is lackluster, this patch promises much more permanent content and that my friends is something to be excited about. Have fun, and keep on shooting

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