Firefall Patch 1.1

On Tuesday, September 16th, while the majority of the gaming world was waiting on the Archeage queue’s and attempting Destiny’s Hardcore Raid, I was enjoying the newest live event on Red 5’s delightful MMOSRPG (Massive Multiplayer Shooter Role Playing Game) Firefall. The newest patch Elemental Destruction launched earlier than expected, and I firmly believe that Red 5 noticed the AA launch was delayed by an hour and decided to do their event while the world was waiting for AA to bring it’s servers back up. This patch brings some of the coolest features from Beta back into the game. From new pre-fix elemental weapons to Chosen deathsquads the game has begun to take some great steps forwarard. While this update[…]

I have been gaming for about 20 years now, and some of my fondest memories of gaming are wiping over and over again on a boss encounter while attempting to figure out how to beat it. In fact, one of my earliest memories of gaming was Final Fantasy. We had Zelda and the Original super Mario Brothers for our Nintendo system, but my first really vivid memory and the memory that brought about my love of gaming was Final Fantasy. I can’t for the life of me remember which one of the multitude of titles it was, but it was the first time that I can remember their being more than one main character. You chose 4 teammates and you[…]